I have found a great way to have honest reviews of our services offered. Many service based companies have a “Testimonial Page” that says many great things about their company from very satisfied customers. I feel that honest reviews need to be expressed, whether they are good, bad or indifferent. While searching for ways to advertise on the internet, I found that Yahoo has a great site for local area business owners to advertise. On the site it offers anyone the opportunity to add a review. Since we started utilizing this site I have asked every one of my customers to write a review.

I usually send a link to the site before doing business with my clients. This keeps me honest and insures that I am not only asking the satisfied customers to post a review. If you are considering doing business with us or have visited us in the past, please take a moment to follow the link, enter the review section and read the reviews about our services or submit your own.

Check out our Reviews at Yahoo! Local.