With so many of our clients asking for us to recommend a good groomer, we decided a qualified groomer was needed for our staff. Stacy is also a client of ours and understands that grooming can be a stressful time for some dogs and will take special care with each dog.

Stacy meets by appointment only, but will try very hard to schedule a time that is convenient for you.

Hello, my name is Stacey and I have adored animals all my life. I began professionally grooming dogs because I felt a need to help them feel and look better. I have groomed all sorts of breeds, from Poodles to Cocker Spaniels to German Shepherds.

Rest assured that I will always use a gentle handling technique to safely groom all dogs. I can offer a simple wash and dry, toe nail trims, ear cleaning or brush those pearly whites to a sparkling shine. Special needs baths, such as medicated baths due to skin irritations, Flea baths, and Deep cleaning baths for those dogs that really like to get dirty are also available.

Even the most dirty smelly dogs get a warm welcome and a big hug good bye. So try a bath or a trim up, I assure you that your dog will be feeling and looking great upon your return.