Welcome to Currey’s Family Pet Care, located in Romulus, Michigan. We are a full service K9 training and boarding facility offering pet owners leadership skills to last a lifetime. While we specialize in training, Currey’s Family Pet Care offers a full range of pet care services including boarding and grooming.

Our mission is to teach humans the art of speaking dog. We understand that every family is unique, requiring a customized blend of approaches and techniques. Our philosophy emphasizes a dog’s need for leadership, which is achieved by providing consistent rules and boundaries for your pet, and giving you the skills to be more effective and confident in your dog handling skills.

We believe that all dog behavior problems can be fixed, mostly because your dog doesn’t see what they are doing as a problem. Humans created the dog’s issues, and humans can change the issues, and Currey’s Family Pet Care is here to teach you how.

Our team provides advice and guidance to help our clients with the practical, everyday aspects of pet ownership, thus helping them to create a more enjoyable relationship with their dogs. These are simple but important things such as not having the dog bolt through an open door, preventing them from jumping on visitors, separation anxiety or other destructive behaviors.

If you are unsure how to solve your dog’s behavior problems, Currey’s Family Pet Care is here to help. Please give us a call at (734) 550-6212 today to schedule a consultation.