Weight Pulling has evolved over the past two decades from its original form (sled dog racing) into a national competitive sport. Thousands compete with their dogs within organizations like the International Weight Pull Association, whom the UKC has turned to for guidance in establishing their weight pull program. Weight Pull dogs are harnessed in a similar manner as sled dogs. The harnesses are specially made to support the dog in pulling an extreme amount of weight.

Weight pull tests a dog’s strength and stamina based on the dog’s ability to pull a maximum amount of weight on a sled or cart over a prescribed distance within a prescribed amount of time. Scores are based on the amount of weight pulled and the amount of time required to complete the pull. The pulling course consisting of the 16 feet between the start line and the finish line, the additional area required behind the start line where the competing dog and the weight vehicle stand prior to the start of the pull, and the additional area required beyond the finish line where the competing dog and handler stand when the pull is complete.

Weight pulling is open to all breeds (spayed/neutered or not) including the following: mixed breed dogs, purebred dogs of unknown pedigree, and purebred dogs with disqualifying faults as described in the U.K.C. breed standard. All Limited Privilege-listed dogs are eligible for weight pull and other performance events. All Limited Privilege-listed purebred dogs of the Gun Dog Group are eligible for Hunting Retriever events.

Currey’s Family Pet Care Inc. anticipates having our course developed by the end of May or the first part of June 2008. We will offer a pulling environment that is fenced and convenient for your training needs. Because there are two types of weight pulling vehicles, we have a cart that can be utilized for a rail or wheel cart pull. The course surface area will be concrete with a carpeted track approximately 10 feet wide and 40 feet long. We have small, medium and large harnesses for rent if you are interested in trying the course, as well as sell a great line of harnesses at our facility.

We will be posting information on our website to inform you when our facility will be open for training and competition event. For those who are interested in learning how to train or better your dogs pulling performance, we will also be hosting seminars as well as sanctioned and non-sanctioned pulling events. Weight pulling doesn’t end when the weather gets cold, so our course will be open year round and maintained for your training needs.


  • $75 (4 month fee)
  • $5 per 1/2 hour for 1 dog
  • $2 per additional dog (same owner)
  • $5 for 1/2 hour harness rental
  • Fees do not include seminars or events