Laura Romanik
AKC Obedience Trainer
Laura has been training dogs since 1988, when a lifelong love of interacting with animals attracted her to AKC Obedience competitions. Since that time, Laura has trained her own dogs, attended numerous classes and seminars with nationally renowned experts in the sport, participated in competitions and tournaments across the county, and eventually began sharing her knowledge with others as a mentor and instructor.

In 1999, Laura showed her Sheltie Bright to the highest obedience title offered by the AKC, that of Obedience Trial Champion (OTCH). In 2002, Laura obtained the coveted OTCH title with her friend’s Beagle, River, who became the first, and so far only, dog in the history of her breed to earn this recognition.

Bright and River have qualified multiple times to be invited to the prestigious National Obedience Invitational tournament put on each year by the AKC, and both dogs have placed there. Bright has placed in several other national tournaments, and currently holds the #2 spot on the lifetime Sheltie Obedience Champion list. Bright, River, and Laura’s new young partner, Flare, have all ranked nationally in various obedience rating systems.

Laura loves obedience training because of the relationship and teamwork that it allows her to develop with her dogs. Laura uses a balanced training approach built on scientifically recognized behavioral principals. Laura’s emphasis is on building reliable responses to commands, while motivating the dog to enjoy the training process. Laura believes that a trained dog is a happier dog that can enjoy fuller integration into family activities.