Most problem dogs need more leadership

During my extensive career as a dog handler, I have always found myself in the public eye, with people telling me that my dog is so well trained. The funny thing was, my dogs were never formally obedience trained, just led properly in ways they could understand. Humans treat their dogs like furry children, while dogs treat humans like they would another dog, causing a communication breakdown.

To lead a dog, one must lead in a language which they understand, “DOG”. A dog will always be a dog, never a human, so it is up to responsible owners to act and run their packs in dog language, which can’t be accomplished properly with only sit, down, stay training. Simply put, most dog owners are looking for a behaved dog, not a trained obedience dog. Even trained dogs can have behavior issues, but a dog that behaves is trained.

Conventional group classes are not the answer

Sit, Down, Stay training may help some dogs, however too many facilities reject the clients who need help the most because their methods won’t work on all dogs. This is particularly true with fear and aggression issues. If they do try to help, and fail, clients are sent away with the belief that their dog’s problems cannot be helped.

At Currey’s we don’t believe in “training” a dog to fix behavior problems. That’s just operant conditioning i.e. teaching a dog how to physically respond to a word. Our team provides advice and guidance to help our clients with the practical, every day aspects of pet ownership, thus helping them to create a more enjoyable relationship with their dogs. These are simple but important things such as not having the dog bolt through an open door, preventing them from jumping on visitors, separation anxiety, or other destructive behaviors.

I spoke with several obedience instructors about their classes, asking them what percentage of their clients actually did the “homework” and how many they feel accomplished the goals set prior to training. The answer was only 30%! I estimate that over 90% of our clients complete the tasks they are given at a training session and thus ultimately meet their goals.

Safe, Humane, and Effective Behavior Modification Techniques

At Currey’s Family Pet Care, we believe that every dog and every family is unique, requiring a customized blend of approaches and techniques. We emphasize the dog’s need for leadership, which is achieved by providing consistent rules and boundaries for the dog, and educating the owner to make him and/or her more effective and confident in their dog handling skills We believe that good leaders are quiet, kind, and insistent and do not believe in yelling, screaming, hitting, or other forms of harsh, abusive discipline. Nor do we rely solely on cookies or bribery, as this will not provide a complete or reliable solution to a serious problem. We look for the right approach that works for a given dog, whether that is desensitization with food, gentle restraint and guidance, exercise and activity to challenge the body and the mind, a different tone of voice or body posture from the owner, or any combination of these plus creative innovations developed with the understanding of what a dog needs to be a happy, well-adjusted member of the family.

Currey’s training program is masterminded by a 25 year professional

Our program is developed because I have devoted my life to understanding dogs and their relationships with humans.

Pat Currey doesn’t just work with dogs as a hobby, or because he likes them and thinks it is fun. Like you, his career, livelihood, and at times even his life, have depended on his skill, training, and ability to get into a dog’s mind and understand what makes them tick.

Pat Currey also demands the same kind of dedication from his staff. Everyone who works at Currey’s Family Pet Care is a lifelong student of canine behavior, has attended classes, earned various titles and certifications, and apprentices under Pat. Trainers need real world experience which is very hard to obtain from the average training school which turns out dog trainers in a few short weeks. The skills needed to recognize behavior and understand the dog’s mind is an art form which has many different levels and takes years to master.

Guaranteed Results

To prove to you and our customers how confident we are in our abilities, we guarantee that every client will be completely satisfied with the changes and improvements in their relationship with their dog or their money will be refunded.