A “Student of the Dog” seminar is a two day seminar for all dog enthusiasts wanting a better and more consistent show performance from their dogs. Together Patrick R. Currey and Laura Romanik will help you learn how to gain consistency and reliability in your dog’s performance under even the most stressful conditions.

Patrick R. Currey’s background is as a working dog handler for over 16 years and a trainer for the last five years. He has worked and trained full-service K9s in the United States Army including narcotics, explosive and personal protection. He has also worked as a trainer for the Leader Dogs for the Blind and as a narcotics detection handler for the United States Customs Service. During the past three years, he has owned/operated his own training center coaching dog owners with behavior issues and has developed an approach to dealing with dogs no matter what their roles are to humans.

Laura Romanik has been training and exhibiting dogs in competition obedience since 1988. She has earned multiple perfect scores, obedience trial championships, and national all-breed rankings.

Patrick Currey’s experiences gave him the insight that our dogs are capable of handling much more stress in their lives than we as their handlers and trainers often give them credit for. If handled correctly, learning to work through stress can produce great results and if handled incorrectly can produce major issues with the dog and its performance. Laura’s training has been greatly enhanced by Pat’s knowledge and abilities, and she is able to translate and modify his techniques for competition dog sports including obedience, rally, and agility.

This is a working seminar designed to help you see your dogs issues for what they are and to help you think “outside the box” to work through them.

Seminar Outline
  • Basic understanding of the dog’s mind
  • Learn to speak your dog’s language in a way they understand
  • Understanding Leadership and how it applies to you (and your dog)
  • Bring stress in dogs with practical applications and hands on skills
  • Is it disobedience or stress preventing you from achieving your goals; with a video review of a few participants
  • Develop a program to positively introduce stress into your training
  • Working demonstrations of how to create a pro active system, which will positively lead your dog through any tough situation during working, training or competing with your dog
  • Working examples of how to apply these skills in future training

For those interested in attending one of our seminars, they will be posted on our on-line calendar. Please note that there are a maximum number of participants.

Cost of this seminar is $150 per Dog Team (owner/dog). There are no auditor spots. This seminar is about giving you information to work through problems that you and your dog may encounter. Everyone is encouraged to bring one dog and a crate with them to the seminar.

Participants will be asked to write a brief paragraph when signing up for the seminar describing what skills they wish to acquire and specific issues they and their dog may be experiencing. While we do not promise to address all issues, it will help to structure the seminar to meet the needs of the participants.

During the seminar, you will be asked to participate in different aspects of what is being discussed based on your goals for the workshop and the workshops leaders’ discretion. There will be opportunities for everyone to participate at some level during the two days.

Seminar Dates and Times

Please visit our on-line calendar for dates of upcoming seminars.

There is a minimum of six dog teams required for this seminar and a maximum of 20 dog teams.

For directions please click here:

If you are interested in our seminar coming to your location; or for more information please e-mail Patrick R. Currey at pat@curreysfamilypetcare.com or Laura Romanik at otchhc@comcast.net

Rescue Group Seminars

I have always been active with various dog rescue groups, from boarding their troubled dogs to working with them on behavioral issues.

From my work with these groups, I have found there are many areas in which the groups could benefit from a seminar geared towards their specific needs. I feel a seminar format will greatly benefit every group and their dogs.

This seminar is four hours long and can be worked to fit your schedule and budget. We offer one-day weekend seminars and a two hour long, weekday seminar over two days.

The seminar will be held at Currey’s Family Pet Care Training Arena and I will also come to your location if needed.

Seminar Topics
  • Foster Parents, the do’s and don’t of temporary care
  • Dealing with the misbehaving dog
  • Learn to hear what the dog is telling you
  • Effective communication skills
  • Introducing a dog to a new environment
  • Introducing a dog to a potential owner
  • Introducing a dog to another dog
  • Introducing a dog to your home
  • Behavior areas to watch out for
  • Prevention instead of reaction
  • Working out problems while the dog is in your care
Rescue Seminar Pricing

Individual= $30

Group of 5-9= $20 per person

Group of 10-14= $18 per person

Group of 15-20= $15 per person

For more information about our Rescue Group Seminars please email Pat Currey at pat@curreysfamilypetcare.com or call (734) 550-6212.