At Currey’s Family Pet Care in Romulus, we work on ideas for you to be able to burn energy during the nasty winter months, as well as building confidence in both you and your dog.

Energy Burning is a two-week course (one hour per class day). This course is designed to positively introduce you and your dog to the equipment, as well as a variety of both physical and mental challenges. This course will give you the opportunity to participate in any of our scheduled drop-in sessions with a group of other dogs.

This course is designed for owners with some on/off leash capabilities and is not available for dogs with aggression issues, as many of the dogs will be running together off-leash.

  • Exercise is the ultimate way to burn your dog’s energy. We offer a great format in a climate controlled environment with several scheduled drop-in times for your convenience. This will be a guaranteed non-stop tail-wagging, tongue-dragging time.
  • Participating in group activities and utilizing the equipment can do wonders for your dog’s confidence.
  • Leadership is paramount to success with your dog. This course will give you the skills to become a better leader and show you ways to improve your dogs trust in your leadership abilities.

This course is a must for dog owners wanting to exercise their dog.

Two Dog Team Minimum, Six Dog Team Maximum. Sign-up now as classes will fill up fast.

The goal of this course is to give dog teams the skills necessary to burn energy in a positive way, so that you may attend the drop-in sessions of your choice.

Please don’t consider this course if your dog has severe issues! We would be very happy to work with you in another venue or time, but this class could make your situation worse.

Because we want you to exercise your dog as much as possible we are currently offering two Drop-in classes on Fridays from 5-6 p.m. and Saturdays from 2:30-4:30 p.m. Drop-in sessions will be open to all that have completed one of our energy courses. Once you are proficient in utilizing the equipment and your dog can handle this level, you can sign-up and stay as long as your dog can handle it. There is a minimum of three dog teams required and you must have completed this course previously.

For now I am offering only late afternoon and early evening drop-in sessions. If you are interested in us offering morning or early afternoon sessions, there is a three dog minimum.