At Currey’s Family Pet Care in Romulus, we worked on ideas for an advanced class that would help build confidence in both you and your dog’s performance.

Advanced stress is a progressive four-week course designed to positively introduce an environment of both physical and mental challenges. Dog teams (Owner/Dog) must have on/off leash capabilities and no dog aggression issues.

Progressive Challenges
  • Group formation obedience is designed to make your dog perform in a multitude of conditions beyond your normal training; in order to build confidence in the dog team.
  • Noise distractions such as vacuums, metal banging, rowdy animals, music and much more
  • Obstacle challenges like open stairs, high platforms, slides, tunnels, humans and dogs with an advanced twist.
  • Retrieving games that will go much further than you have thought your dog had the abilities to do.

I have been working dogs in extreme conditions my entire adult life. My dogs were expected to perform no matter what challenges were presented. These experiences gave me the insight that our dogs are capable of much more stress in their lives, and if done correctly can produce great working results.

This course is a must for dog teams wanting to advance to a new level in their training no matter what your style is. Agility, A.K.C Obedience, Fly ball, Rally-O, Search and Rescue, or any dog teams wanting to boost their confidence levels while having fun.

Four Dog Team Minimum, Six Dog Team Maximum. Sign-up now as classes will fill up fast.
$60 per Dog Team (Owner/Dog)

The goal of this course is to give dog teams the skills necessary to deal with stress in a positive way, so that you may attend drop-in courses at your choice.

This is a one hour progressive course; four weeks long that will get harder each week. We will be conducting group obedience which is why your dog must be able to handle being around other dogs and proficient in on/off leash commands. We will also be doing some obstacles and retrieving/scent work, however, your dog does not need to be proficient in all of these areas to participate.

Please do not consider this course if your dog has severe issues! I would be very happy to work with you in another venue or time, but this class could make your situation worse.

I know that you would not be able to handle fourth class stress in the first week, and that you may want to continue with one or two classes during the month. For that reason, there will be a Drop-in class each Monday from 5-6 p.m. with a minimum of four dog teams required and you must have completed this course prior to attending any drop-in days.

Drop-in sessions will be an advancement of the fourth class. Once you are proficient at the routines/terminology and your dog can handle this level, we will continually change the stress each session. Sign-up will be done via on-line calendar and will show who and how many participants will be attending or if the session is closed due to lack of participation. You can attend as often as you like. The fee is $10 fee per hrs, per team.

Currently, I am offering one advanced stress class and one drop-in session per week. In the event that the demand exceeds the current schedule, more dates will be made available.