Before any type of training can be conducted, it is important to have control of the pack. Our coaching teaches dog owners to deal with the problems leading their pack, and will help you to guide and direct your dog in the environments where you are having your issues, all on your schedule. If you look at the issues dogs are having, they really aren’t concerns to the dog, but in human society they are very serious violations that can mean the end of the road for some dogs, if they aren’t shown how to behave in our society and our rules.

The levels listed below are broken down into behavioral intensities. While a majority of our clients are generally level two, we do not make this the rule as we want to place them into the best training for their needs.

Level 1: (4 weeks) Minor behavioral problems, such as not listening, pulling on the leash, mouthing, being destructive, jumping up on guests. A dog that is essentially running the pack. Generally, this is the dog that starts out being just an unruly animal throwing temper tantrums that keep growing into more destructive problems.

Level 2: (5 weeks) Aggression issues ranging from heavy leash pulling, animal aggression, fear and anxiety issues prior to becoming aggressive towards people. We believe this is the most common client in the industry. All too often these behaviors are misdiagnosed by blaming the breed, age, previous owner, stubborn temperament. Many owners have been told that these issues are not correctable. This is the dog to watch out for especially if there are two dogs in the pack together. These fear issues turn into defensive aggression taken out on humans.

Level 3: (6 weeks) Managing serious aggression or anxiety issues with thunderstorms or to being left alone. This is the dog that has to be put away when guests come over, destroys any area they are confined to; causing damage to themselves or others, attacking other animals or people in and out of the home for no apparent reason, and is usually brought in muzzled and under extreme duress (owner and dog). Our facility has been working with dogs and owners like this with great success. Dogs that have “Will Bite” stickers all over their records are now looking for attention, not fingers from the staff.