Puppy Imprinting is a great way to learn all of your new puppy’s needs to become a balanced member of your pack. Learning basic commands is definitely beneficial, but when it comes to teaching your dog right from wrong they need to be shown what is expected right away. We provide you with the knowledge and understanding of dog behavior before any issues gradually become problems.

Some people ask: “What’s the purpose of Puppy Imprinting?” We find that most of these people believe that a dog should be a certain age before you start training. Nothing could be further from the truth. Puppy classes will help you understand this: The sooner you start training, the better chance you will have at preventing unwanted behaviors and situations.

We welcome a family atmosphere, and encourage the entire family to attend classes. This helps your children understand what the puppy will need from them, and show them the responsibilities that come with caring for a puppy. We will also give you advice to help the puppy understand where your family stands in the pack.

For information on our puppy classes please Contact Pat at (734) 550-6212.