When it comes to changing the behavior of your dog, you must understand that almost everything dogs do are learned behaviors. Problems like separation anxiety, aggressiveness towards animals or people, fear, destruction issues, leash pulling or any behavior problems that you are not happy with, are learned from humans.

I tell dog owners that a dog is always going to be a dog; they will treat you just as they would treat another dog. Dogs do not and never will speak human, but they are constantly talking to you and you re not listening.

The problem is that people try to communicate with their dog as if it were a human and it doesn’t work. Dogs communicate in four ways: Scent, Body Language, Verbal and Touch, pretty much in that order.

Dogs are social creatures and have a social structure much like ours, which means we don’t need to teach people, we need to COACH them into becoming a better dog owner. You already have the skills to do this; you just don’t know how to relate them to your dog.

Coaching people on how to understand what their dog is telling them and how to respond to what they are saying, is paramount to changing behavior. This can’t be done in just one environment because becoming the leader your dog needs you to be is a complete circle.

This means that we put you into a program that will best help you succeed, with your dog, and show you how to use these skills in any environment. We start by evaluating you, your dog(s) and discuss your issues. Our first meeting is generally at our facility, then we meet at a neutral location, a home visit and depending on the course you have signed-up for, meet at areas where you are having issues.

For those whose time is valuable and/or out of our area, we do offer a V.I.P package in which we exclusively come to you and your area for coaching. We guarantee that you will have the skills to change the behavior in your dog, but it is up to you on how successful the training is going to be, by what you put into it.